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A Landing Page

A landing page, is simply a place within our website, e.g. a separate tab, or a separate website to which we want to direct the user obtained through activities such as advertising on Facebook, advertising on Google, referring link. A landing page is a single website that is usually intended to achieve only one goal, e.g. filling out a form, purchasing, watching a video, etc. We want the first contact of the customer to be “landing” on this tab, and not, for example, on the home page of your website. Suppose your website has several pages. You run a campaign in which you want to direct visitors to the tab with the contact form (e.g. a link in an ad on Facebook). After clicking on the advertisement, the user is directed to the landing page in the form of the “contact” tab, on which the form is posted. A landing page is therefore any landing page that the recipient should reach.

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